What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session, anyway?

Rather than just tell you, I’ll also SHOW you a Lifestyle Newborn Session!

Scroll on down for some lovely lifestyle newborn photos of sweet little Miss Chloe and her parents Tom and Cora. (Who are also very sweet.)  🙂

family with newborn, lifestyle newborn session

Traditional newborn portrait sessions (think: Sears) are traditional for a reason: they provide you with a couple of photos of the new baby.  Traditionally, that’s what people have come to expect.  That’s what you need, right?  “Just a couple shots of the baby.”  And that’s ok, but there’s something important that you should know before you book that appointment at Sears:


Wouldn’t you love to capture the first few days of that precious little life?  What about the moments that you are a bit too sleep deprived to savor?  Will you really remember how small his head looked in your husband’s hand?  Can you hold in your heart your absolute delight at the way her lip pokes out as she sleeps or when she looks right at you?  Wouldn’t you love to freeze the way the light hits the curtains during his early morning feedings?  I have bad news: a traditional portrait session just can’t do that. 


Mom and newborn daughter

Lifestyle newborn sessions allow us to capture the precious details that traditional newborn photography just can’t.

A lifestyle session is our favorite way to photograph babies.  And their mommies.  And their daddies!  We love to celebrate with parents and help them savor the pure newness of their little one.  This style allows us to capture many different candid photos as well as lightly-posed shots to best tell your family’s story.

Dad and newborn daughter

Mom and newborn daughter

Our favorite place to capture these intimate images is in your home.

Our goal is to make the newborn session as easy and stress-free as possible by coming to you.  What better place to capture the first days of her life than in her nursery?  Your bed?  His cradle?  Dad’s favorite chair?  It also allows us to photograph the sweet little details that you’ve spent months preparing for her!

detail of baby's roomdetail of baby's room













Another benefit of a lifestyle newborn session is the time we allow for you to feed, comfort and care for your baby.

We won’t rush you or an unhappy little one into getting it all done in twenty minutes…or even an hour!  Sometimes our sessions take up to four hours until we have all of the photos that mom and dad want.  We try so very hard to make it go faster, but you just can’t rush a baby to sleep!  Moms take their time nursing, changing and cuddling their new little one, and we always take lovely candid shots even during the “down time.”

Mom and newborn daughter

Sometimes we are lucky enough to get FABULOUS SPECIAL REQUESTS!


Dad and newborn daughter


Mom and newborn daughter

Cora and Chloe will forever have precious photos of their time together with Cora’s Mom.

We were thrilled to capture it for them!

Grandmother and newborn granddaughter

Of course, our main goal is to photograph your sweet little one in all of her newborn newness.  We do always set up a traditional, posed newborn portrait.

posed sleeping newborn

We try to use natural, window light as much as possible, but we do have traditional professional lighting and a portable studio when we need it.  These posed photos of Chloe are all shot using natural window light and a simple reflector.  We never use a harsh flash for a newborn portrait, and most are taken of the baby sleeping.

posed sleeping newborn

Don’t miss this moment.  It’ll be gone in a heartbeat.


posed sleeping newborn

When you are ready for more information, or to set up your lifestyle newborn session, contact us here.  We’d love to meet you, take you out for a cupcake, answer your questions and talk about your session, your aching back, the trials of buying baby gear, and anything else that’s on your mind!  Sessions need to take place when Baby is under 10 days old, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible!


xoxo ~Julia

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Pink headband by Chloe’s Grandma.  🙂

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