Session Tips

Here is a list of helpful tips to make your session fun, stress free, and a booming success!


 Standard session tips:

~Make sure your little ones get a good nap before the session.

~Eat something before your session and bring snacks, juice, etc. for your child.

~Arrive dressed, made-up, hair brushed, and ready to be photographed.

~Keep make-up light, especially if taking photos outdoors.

~Arrive about 15 minutes early to allow everyone to get comfortable, especially children, with the surroundings.

~Bring your child’s favorite lovey or toy to create smiles and laughs.


What to Wear:

~Coordinate your outfits by incorporating 2-3 colors and various patterns or accessories.  See this link for some inspiration.

~Check out this FABULOUS post by Paint the Moon about the how’s, why’s and what’s of dressing for the camera.  It is a treasure trove of information!  She even includes coordinating examples at the end of the post.


Newborn session tips:

~Schedule your session prior to baby’s birth.  (We always estimate the date on the contract.)

~Newborns photograph best between 3-10 days after they are born.

~We are able to come to your home with our portable studio, however, our in-home studio is also available, if you prefer.

~Be sure baby has eaten just before our session begins; our goal is for baby to sleep through most of the session as he/she is photographed.

~If your baby cries, don’t worry!  We’re used to it!  Not only do we have children of our own, but almost every baby we photograph cries at some point, and we schedule plenty of time for you to comfort, feed, and soothe your baby during the session.

~Relax and enjoy as we do all of the hard work, but please be willing to adjust baby and his/her surroundings as needed.

~Read about how we do newborn photography on our blog: What is a Lifestyle Newborn Session, anyway?

More questions?  Contact us here!