Beat Duck Face with Mom and Me sessions

This is for all the mamas.

The mamas of the Duck Face generation.

I found this one my ten-year-old’s tablet the other day.


For real. This is how my child, my baby, my sweet little cuddle bug, currently chooses to view herself and show herself to the world. Ugh. DUCK FACE? Seriously, two days ago, she was crawling. She needed help washing her hands before refusing to eat anything except cheerios. She would hold my hand. I had to paint her tiny toenails. I sang lullabies to help her sleep.

Today? Yep, you got it. She’s eating on her own, walking a couple of steps ahead of me at the mall, going to sleep on her own and painting her own toenails. She’s growing up.

And this is the kind of photo we have together:


Ok, so it’s not my best look. I’m the opposite of “fresh.” (Are the kids still saying fresh these days?) But it’s the two of us, together. I think it’s pretty cute and funny, BUT if this is the only way we take photos together, it is NOT ok.

First of all, selfie-mode on the cell phone is, ahem, less than flattering.

And shouldn’t I care more about my daughter’s memories just as much as I care about my own?

SHE needs nice photos just as much as I do! Someday, she will look back at Duck Face and say, “Why in the world did you let me do that, Mom?! It’s hideous!” I-told-you-so won’t cut it.

I refuse to let Duck Face win.

Boom. This is it.

mom and me handwriting collage

This beats Duck Face. This is an image of togetherness. An image that tells the story of a relationship. This is what I want to give my girls; a moment that we won’t lose or forget. Join us in beating Duck Face. Capture your little ones as they are right now, with you, just as you are. These days are precious and they’ll be gone in an instant.

You’ll never regret booking a Mom and Me session, but you might regret NOT booking a Mom and Me session.

Just for the Mom & Me sessions, we’ll be offering the adorable Handwriting Collage (pictured above) for a limited time.

This is a product that you can only purchase from our Mom & Me sessions!

You and your little ones hand-write messages about what you love about each other, and J&JP turns it into a keepsake collage complete with your favorite photo.


Don’t miss out on this adorable new product!

Ready to book?

We have very limited availability and only two days open:

March 18, 2016 (Friday)
April 9, 2016 (Saturday–afternoon only)

CLICK HERE to book your time!

Until next time; keep up the Duck Face fight!

~Julia  🙂



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