Meet Jen & Jules

Meet Jenni:

Howdy folks!  I’m the “Jen” of the Jen and Jules duo.  I’m also known as Sam and Bella’s mom and Mike’s better half for 12 years.  Just joking… or am I?!  I adore my little family and our little life.  I have about a million different interests, but my first love is photography.  I have been doing photography in some form or fashion basically forever.  My first client was a poseable Cabbage Patch circa 1980-something.  I eventually graduated from my Polaroid (and clients with yarn hair) to a legit camera and human clients, plus the occasional dog.  I studied digital photography, as well as traditional dark room photography (that’s right, photography done without computers or Photoshop) at the University of Houston – Clear Lake.  At some point during the journey, one of my most favorite people in the world and I decided to start a business.  That is the “Jules” of Jen and Jules.  So here we are… taking pictures of happy people… for a job!  I couldn’t be happier!


Portrait Photography Houston TX


Meet Julia:

Welcome to my little home on the world wide web!  Thanks for stopping by and choosing to spend some time with me.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing around our site and learning more about J&J Photography.   To best introduce myself, I have put together a little list, so take a look to get to know me better —

My Loves:Portrait Photography Houston TX

~my cat, Skippy Jon Jones


~19th century British Literature



~meals that I don’t have to cook

~that “just rained” smell

~Downton Abbey

~listening to my girls giggling together

~my church

~my new bathroom tile

~Liz Lemon

~winter in Houston

~my mom’s cooking…and my mom  🙂

~Jon McLaughlin

~birthdays (my own, my kids’, my dog’s…)

~my cameras (duh!)

~making links to this page   😉  Seriously…Jenni says I have to stop….

…and finally…

~my sweet husband and goofy girls <3  They have my heart.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to meet you soon!  xoxo ~Julia