Chau Family Spring Photos in Friendswood, TX

To shoot the Chau family’s photos, we found a wooded location in Friendswood, TX.

We like this location because it’s easy to find little spots that look natural and bright, even with somewhat dreary weather like what we had that day. The bonus is the playground for the little balls of energy, so as soon as we’re finished, they can go play on the swings and slides! It’s a great location for families.

Family photography in Friendswood, TX

Here’s a secret, Jenni and I love it when a client takes clothing seriously. Ok, so it’s not a great secret, but it’s super important to us! This mom took the clothing seriously, and we LOVED it. Take a look at these dapper boys! The jackets! Adorbs! She also did a great job of coordinating around three colors: blue, gray and white. Well done!

Family Photo in Friendswood, TX

We especially loved this little guy and his shirt; it’s special to him and was perfection.

Child photography in Friendswood, TX

And the smiles! THE SMILES!!!! Look at these faces! (A few more because I have to.)

Family Photography in Friendswood, TX

Family photography in Friendswood, TX

Family photography in Friendswood, TX

Oh, Chau family, you are so sweet. We had a great time working with you. Here’s a little video of the session.

Happy Spring, Friends!!!!

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