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Jenni and Julia’s adventures through the land of baby spit-up, toddler tantrums, mama guilt and precious photographs.


Chau Family Spring Photos in Friendswood, TX

To shoot the Chau family’s photos, we found a wooded location in Friendswood, TX. We like this location because it’s easy to find little spots that look natural and bright, even with somewhat dreary weather […]

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Myles & Amy’s Waterwall Proposal

Myles painstakingly planned a lovely Houston Waterwall proposal for his lovely bride-to-be Amy and called us for help. We found the perfect date, time and place for the big day. He had a ring, a […]

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You Photograph…Seniors?

“People like to have photos taken of seniors? You mean, photos of Grand-mama?”   You know that text-phrase ROTFL? That was me. On the inside. Rolling with laughter. Dying with laughter. Trying to stay upright. […]

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Will You…Photograph My Proposal?

It’s an old story: Boy meets Girl, Boy likes Girl, Boy loves Girl, Boy asks Jen & Jules to photograph his proposal…. Yep.  You read that right.  It was a PAPARAZZI PROPOSAL! Meet the groom: […]

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